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Printed Circuit Board (PCBA) Assembly Highlights

General Capabilities Surface Mount Technology
Pin Thru-Hole
Ball Grid Array
Functional, Flying Probe, Boundary Scan and In-Circuit Testing
Conformal Coating
RTV Encapsulation
Flexible Circuit
Equipment Automated Screen Printing
AOI – Automated Optical Inspection
Convection Reflow Oven
General Products Lead Forming
Juki Pick and Place Equipment
Wave Soldering (RoHS and Lead)
In-Line and Batch Washers
Ionic Contamination Tester
2D X-Ray
RoHS XRF Analyzer
Metcal Solder Stations
Agilent 3070 ICT
Acculogic Flying Probe
Thermotron Environmental Chamber
Desiccant Chambers
Dispatch Ovens
Automated Board Handlers
De-Paneling Equipment
Printed Circuit Board Assembly Ball Grid Array
Clean and No Clean Flux Systems
Rigid, Flexible and Rigid / Flexible
Single & Double-Sided
Placement down to 01005
Package Sizes
  • FBGA
  • LGA
  • QFN
Metal Core Insulated
Mixed Technology (SMT and Thru Hole)
RoHS and Leaded Process
Assembly Methods Automated Assembly
Hand Insertion
Hand Soldering
Wave Solder
Additional Services Provided Conformal Coating
Repair & Refurbishment
Length Min 2”
Max 18"
Width Min 2”
Max 18"
Thickness Min .031”
Max .125"
Lead Time (Manufacturing) Standard 2 weeks
Production Volume Low Volume to High Volume

Additional Information

Industry Focus Communications
Medical Devices
Military / Aerospace
Professional Audio
Industry Standards AS9100D/ISO-9001:2015 Certification
NIST Standards
MIL-STD-45662 IPC 610 Class II & III standards
RoHS compliant
ITAR Registered
FDB Device License
NCSDC Certification
File Formats AutoCAD(DWG)
DXF - Drawing Exchange Format
Microsoft Excel
GIF - Graphics Interchange Format
JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group
PDF - Portable Document Format
TIFF - Tagged Image File Format