Test Engineering

LeeMAH Electronics has the experience and capability to perform test engineering and development for our customers' products. We support testing and validating of Printed Circuit Board and Cable Assemblies and Box Builds that we manufacture. It is a major process ensuring the reliability of our customers' products.

Using our test engineering and development capabilities and relationships with our partners, we help create and install tests for our customers. This includes In -Circuit Tests (ICT), Flying Probe Tests (FPT), and Functional Tests (FT).

  • Additionally, LeeMAH Electronics is capable of various environmental tests (Thermatron) as well as working with our partners to perform bare board micro-sectioning to ensure the reliability of our customer's designs, our supply-chain adherence to specifications and our workmanship to IPC 610 E standards.
  • In-house test engineers, technicians and operators perform all the test functions. This allows us to maintain and support test changes and modifications immediately.

In-Circuit Test (ICT)

  • We utilize the Agilent 3070 Series 2 In-Circuit Test (ICT) which uses a "bed of nails" vacuum fixturing to test each component assembled in the circuit. The ICT detects and isolates manufacturing-related defects. These defects include shorts, opens, missing components, wrong components and wrong orientation of components.
  • LeeMAH Electronics will work with its partners to design the actual fixtures as well as program them to meet the test parameters and coverages that the customer's design allows.

Flying Probe Test (FPT)

  • Flying probe tests are similar to ICT testing, but without the high cost of a mechanical fixture and software. This test is used for smaller volume products and pre-production with anticipated changes where a higher recurring cost doesn't off-set the investment of an ICT fixture.
  • LeeMAH Electronics will work with its partners to design the custom programs needed to conduct this type of board level testing.

Functional Test (FT)

  • LeeMAH Electronics also offers functional testing. We will work with our partners to help design the mechanical fixturing and programming. LeeMAH Electronics has a dedicated team and facility to test analog professional audio products for sound and functionality of knobs, buttons, pots, etc.
  • Since today's electronic designs use programmable and custom components, the functional test development approach requires a joint effort between the customer and LeeMAH Electronics.

Boundary Scan Testing

  • Boundary scan tests interconnect (wire lines) on printed circuit boards and sub-blocks within an integrated circuit. A boundary scan can also be used as a debugging method especially with BGA's. This allows our engineers to watch integrated circuit pin states, and measure voltage.
  • With the help of our partners, LeeMAH Electronics has the capacity to develop boundary scan test programs for our customers.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

  • LeeMAH Electronics design for manufacturing (DFM) services offers our customers a unique advantage. We provide a customized engineering review and recommendations to improve efficiency, cost, repeatability and what fits our process profile.

Design for Assembly (DFA)

  • When optimizing the final box design, many decisions involving hardware, cable assembly routing, and other electro-mechanical components should be considered to minimize the possibility of error in the assembly of complex systems.
  • LeeMAH Electronics offers BOM review services in addition to those other services mention previously. RoHS verification, obsolescence, stock availability and alternate sourcing are also aspects of the material / BOM services we support our customers with.
  • We have experience in building a high mix of complex assemblies enabling us to offer a strong collaborative effort with our customers at their critical design review, right before a final design is solidified.

Design for Test (DFT)

  • LeeMAH Electronics offers a comprehensive design for test analysis service. We review designs from a variety of CAD systems and Gerber files. Our DFT analysis outlines the points on the assembly which can be probed by either a standard in-circuit test or flying probe system. A schematic design review identifies DFT elements that can impact the test coverage of the board, opportunities for boundary scan testing.
  • Cable Test

All wires and cables are tested end to end. We can develop customized interfaces to meet your cable and harness configuration. Our Cirris cable test systems allow automated testing of simple to complex harnesses.

Maintaining the highest levels of quality is essential for electro mechanical assembly and box building, and ensures that everything we produce meets the industry’s most stringent standards. Our facilities are all ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certified. Other standards that we regularly meet or exceed include NIST, IPC, and RoHS, among many others.

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